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"What a big Month"

Spinners & Weavers

It has been a big month for us with the reveal of our “Recycle, Repurpose, Reuse” projects. Cilla amused us all with her apron made from a chicken feed bag; Moi brought in her travel rug made from old suits and overcoats and also paper bags made from magazine pages; Heather showed her incredible talent by producing a number of items the most important one being a carry bag made using a pair of her late mothers’ jeans using the waistband for straps, bleach dyeing the jean fabric and using various other parts for decorations. She also made a book cover and smaller bag with the leftover “bits”. I “embellished” a jean jacket with crochet pieces and embroidery.

Carole returned after five months travelling to WA and back and brought in some of the work she has finished. One of the pieces was a lovely shawl that she modelled for us. We have ordered 10kg of wool tops from Nundle Woolen Mills as we are all itching to experiment with even more dyeing methods – so “dyeing day”

Clay Worker's

July was a very busy and productive month for clay workers. We completed our challenge, ‘Show your Bust’ and held a celebratory evening on 27 August to show off our creative work. There was an astonishing range of busts, from the realistic to the whimsical, a tribute to the creative minds of our group. Friends and family members brought their enthusiastic comments and tucked into an interesting range of finger foods.

"Show Your Bust"

Weekend Workshop

On 29 to 30 July, members of the group attended a two-day sculptural workshop with Janna. She runs wonderful, informative and creative workshops, ones where attendees of all levels of experience can learn an enormous amount about clay, technique and production. Below are some pictures of the students’ work, some of them relatively new to pottery. Examples of her magic, making sure everyone not only learns new techniques, but leaves with a piece of which they are proud of. A reminder of the raku firing on 24 August. Anyone hoping to have work in this firing should have their pieces bisque fired. If involved in the firing, do wear non-flammable clothing, preferably long sleeved.

Fine Arts Group

The Fine Art Group has its’ outing this month on the August 29th which includes a cruise down Pumice stone Passage. We will be stopping/pulling in during the cruise to sketch and take photos for future art works. Our coordinator, Glynn Kelly, is the August Artist of the Month. Glynn’s paintings are impressive. Make sure you have a good look and you will see that he often uses the Glass House Mountains in his background.

Sewing Group

This next month our Sewing Group will work on paper/fabric bead making, making more use of our embroidery machines and make a start on our friendship quilt. Here Virginia shows off her beautiful table runner.

Crochet Group

Our group is getting a bit larger of late which good. Sandy and Helen have just completed lovely baby rugs while Marilyn, who is a real beginner, has completed her first one.


A big thank you to Corrie for looking after the workshop while I have been away fishing and to John who did the next shift after Corrie departed to the USA to spend time with granddaughter Lilly.

Photos attached show we have been busy with our allotted tasks. The workshop has been busy with an assortment of projects underway.

We continue to welcome new members to our MACG.

You can find our Membership forms and flyers with all of our classes, days and times available at the Maleny Arts and Crafts Gallery.

The Christmas Fair is fast approaching, dates November Friday 24, Saturday 25, Sunday 26. Put it in your diary.

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