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Textile Art Group

What is Textile Arts?


It is the creation of textiles or the creation with textiles. Many techniques and mediums are used to create works of art. Often a piece of work will be a combination of techniques and mediums.


Techniques can be done by hand or by machine. These can include felting, painting, embellishing, crochet, embroidery, beading, knitting, weaving, printing and dyeing. This list is an example and the work created is only limited by your imagination. The works created can be cloth, clothing, household goods.


Our small group complete a range of crafts. Some are particularly interested in felting, machine embellishments, beading, crocheting. All try to create new and original designs with the support and encouragement of others in the group, plus our many resources that can be used and borrowed.


We meet each Thursday morning from 9am at the workshop in the Maleny Showgrounds.

Email us at

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